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Sikumi (On the Ice)

Written and Directed by Andrew Okpeaha MacLean


Sikumi (On the Ice) is the story of Apuna (Brad Weyiouanna), an Inuit hunter, who drives his dog team out on the frozen Arctic Ocean in search of seals and inadvertently becomes a witness to murder. In the microscopic communities of Arctic Alaska there is no anonymity, thus the hunter knows both the victim and the murderer. The murderer, Miqu (Tony Bryant), claiming self-defense and desperate to avoid punishment, tries to persuade his friend to forget what he has seen, and help dispose of the body. Apuna is then forced to navigate the uneasy morality between honoring the body and memory of one friend and destroying the life of another.

Technical Information

Runtime: 15 min

Production Format - 35mm anamorphic

Screening Format - 35mm

Aspect Ration - 1:2.39 Scope

Sound - Dolby Digital 5.1 (SRD)


Principal Crew

About the Director

Andrew Okpeaha MacLean (Writer/Director) is an Iņupiaq filmmaker born and raised in Alaska. His films include NATCHILIAGNIAQTUGUK AAPAGALU (SEAL HUNTING WITH DAD), which had its premiere at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, was named one of the ten best short films at the festival by indiWire, and was selected to screen at the Museum of Modern Art in April 2005. Other films include KINNAQNIGAQTUQTUAQ (THE SNARING MADMAN), which won best short film at the 2006 American Indian Film Festival, and SUCH A PERFECT DAY. His most recent documentary, WHEN THE SEASON IS GOOD: ARTISTS OF ARCTIC ALASKA, was a featured screening in the 2007 Arctic Summer Series at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian and was acquired for broadcast by ARTE, European Public Television.

In his hometown of Barrow, Alaska, he co-founded the Iņupiat Theater, the first theater company in the country dedicated to performing entirely in the indigenous Iņupiaq language. He also served for three years as the Artistic Director of Stickfigure Productions, a theater company based in Seattle.

He has traveled in North and South America, Europe and New Zealand, worked in Siberia as a biological research assistant and is a member of the Egasak whaling crew in Barrow. He is a recipient of the John H. Johnson Film Award, a 2004 Princess Grace Foundation Graduate Film Fellowship, the 2003-2004 Martin E. Segal prize, the 2008 Clive J. Davis Foundation Grant and the 2008 Riese Organization Grant. He holds his MFA in film directing from New York University.


2008 Sundance Film Festival - Shorts Program 3

Press Contact:

Cara Marcous, producer